Thursday, August 16, 2012

Should you use twitter for business ?

Twitter, twitter, tweet, tweety (wasn't that the little yellow bird :-)) everywhere!

It seems that overnight Twitter bursted onto the scene and created quite a stir. At first, I found it ridiculous that little short one-liners about meaningless things would be anything I'd want to involve myself with as a professional. Well, I changed my mind, and I'll tell you why.

So, the real question is why you would use Twitter. If you look at it on the surface, it really can appear to be a colossal waste of time ... and it can be.

The best way to help you answer the "Twitter" question is to share with you the reasons I choose to use Twitter on a regular basis.

1. I find it is a valuable way to network and connect with other people in my line of work who have similar interests.
2. I have learned to quickly scan through those short little "Tweets" and stay in touch with business thoughts and ideas.
3. With all the links that are available in those brief 140 characters, I have access to a much broader and deeper knowledge base.
4. I find a steady stream (I sometimes refer to it as a rushing river) of ideas, links, resources, content and valuable tips.

Happy tweet!!

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