Friday, October 23, 2015

Internet of Things Leuven Meetup: DatePicking First Community Event ‏

Hello to all you IoT Groupies – We are hot!

I first wanted to check the response on this group … I must say that in the last months I've talked to a lot of people and I think we've got "a burning platform" in our local region. Which is fantastic because IoT comes with a huge load of opportunities.

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So now that summer holidays are long gone and everybody is back in the daily routine it's time to really get up to speed with our Internet of Things community. I've got a few possible locations and 2 or 3 possible speakers, depending on the exact date and number of attendees. To facilitate the date picking I've created a doodle so please enter your availability asap.

List of possible topics: IoT in general, smartcity, smarthome, technical building blocks on IoT, business opportunities. Let me know if you have other topics you would like to see discussed or if you know somebody who can come and talk on any related aspect of IoT.

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I'll be putting this message on twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and my blog. Don't forget to spread the word on all possible social media, hope to CU soon in large numbers!