Saturday, June 06, 2015

Internet of Things Leuven is born #IoTLeuven

Lately I’ve been getting very interested in the whole #IoT thingy! So I decided to found an Internet of Things community in my "greater-local-area" :-) Rotselaar - Leuven (Belgium).

people_and_technology v1
So if you're interested in any aspects of "the Internet Of Things" and are willing to share, discuss, engage with us feel free to join our group and attend one of our events, if there's one revolutionary technology out there that you don't want to miss #IoT is just that.

It is my intention not only to have peer2peer discussions but also to have presentations from industry speakers and influencers on this subject.

Join me @

And don't forget to spread the word onto other IoTGroupies.

Hope to CU soon!